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    Hotline: 13761555111


    Our value

    Our staff is the foundation for Baijin to rely on to survive and development. Good staff means good products and good service. Great staff make a great company.

    Our People Value:
    Select people with virtue, use people with ability, train people according to their characteristics, keep people with feelings.

    Select people with virtue: The most important prerequisite for selection is that one agrees with Baijin’s value. We choose people with both good ability and virtue, and virtue comes first.

    Use people with ability: make people do their best. He who has more ability gets the more important jobs at Baijin.

    Train people according to their characteristics: everyone has strengths and weaknesses. The company focuses on training people according to their characteristics and strength. We develop personalized career plan according to each one’s characteristic.

    Keep people with feelings: we provide our staff a broad development space, thus they can do their best. We create a more family-oriented working environment and cultural atmosphere to retain more talents.

    Our working value:

    We advocate a "healthy, happy, positive, scientific" working ethic. We have both physical and mental health and enjoy our work, and then we get the real pleasure of life.

    Baijin’s development is more than the combination of the interests of a individual and the company, but more is that everyone can share common ideals and values, which will be the source of strength to promote the development and expansion of the company.

    The company provides every member good salary and benefit We offers each member of us a broad space for development.

    Welcome to join us!


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