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    Machining center


    NMC50V vertical machining center

    NMC50V vertical machining center (XinZhe, Nanjing), applicable for boring, milling, drilling, reaming, spot facing, reaming, tapping, etc. It can process mechanical parts and molds with stable accuracy and reliable performance. The size of the working platform surface is 500*1050mm, T type slot 3*18 *150, load 700kg, travel 800*500*500mm, distance between spindle end surface and working platform surface is 150 * 650mm, distance between spindle center and vertical column guide rail surface distance is 550mm, spindle taper BT40, spindle speed 1006000r/MIN, MAX speed 8000r/MIN, three-axis feeding 5800mm/MIN, 24m/MIN, feeding power 1.8kW, main motor power 7.5kW, cooling motor power 0.37kW, the biggest knife tool is 100mm, the longest is 200mm, the heaviest is 8kg .

    Technical Data

    Working platform

    Size (W×L)   500×1050mm
    T type slot (Slot quantity - width x slot distance)   3-14x150mm
    Workpiece load weight of the Working platform   700kg

    CNC Precision

    X-axis positioning accuracy (German VDI standard)   0.020mm
    Y/Z-axis positioning accuracy (German VDI standard)   0.016mm
    Repeating positioning accuracy(German VDI standard)   0.008mm


    equipment-04-02 equipment-04-03

    Machining center JN-L1100

    Technical Parameter

    Working platform

    Size (W×L) 1350×650mm
    Max. load on platform 1000KG
    T-slot (dimension×amount×gap)18×5×115

    Processing range

    Horizontal X travel distance  1100mm
    Vertical Y travel distance  650mm
    Vertical Z travel distance  625mm
    Distance from spindle nose to platform 100-725mm


    Distance from center to column 580
    Range of rotational speed 50-8000

    Vertical machining center LV650

    Technical Parameter

    Working platform

    Size (W×L) 700×420mm 
    Max. load on platform 350KG

    Processing range

    Horizontal X travel distance  600mm
    Vertical Y travel distance     500mm
    Vertical Z travel distance 550mm
    Feed speed 1-8000mm /min


    Machining center LV850

    Technical Parameter

    Range of rotational speed 8000 S
    Horizontal X travel distance 800mm
    Vertical Y travel distance 500mm
    Vertical Z travel distance 585mm
    Maxv 26m/min
    Maxf 10m/min

    Vertical machining center LV1300

    Technical Parameter

    Range of rotational speed 6000S
    Horizontal X travel distance


    Vertical Y travel distance 650mm
    Vertical Z travel distance 610mm
    Maxf 12m/min
    Maxv 10m/min

    Vertical machining center V650

    Technical Parameter

    Range of rotational speed 10000
    Horizontal X travel distance 625mm
    Vertical Y travel distance 405mm
    Vertical Z travel distance 516mm
    max 30m/min
    maxv 10m/min

    CNC milling machine JF-173T

    Technical Parameter

    Range of spindle rotational speed 3600
    Horizontal X travel distance 750mm
    Vertical Y travel distance


    Vertical Z travel distance 500mm


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